Fujitec: Turnkey Solutions for Vertical Transportation in India

In India, construction is booming, and so is the elevator market. With the population growth of urban centres skyrocketing, the transportation solutions within buildings are an essential component of cities' overall public transport structure. Vertical transportation (VT) demands are currently being researched and planned in detail during the design stage. The arrival of multinational corporations and international architects in Indian urban cities and their requirements raises awareness about the need for vertical transportation.

Fujitec India Pvt Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of Fujitec Co. Limited Japan, is here to provide services for all such types of buildings, including retail, commercial, and residential buildings, hotels, hospitals, transportation hubs, and mixed-use developments.

With the advent of smart design, the world is rethinking everything the general public uses- with a new aspect of health and safety in mind. To reduce stress from the fast-paced life of the people and increase their mobility efficiently, Fujitec has set foot in medium and lower-tier buildings of the country to provide state-of-the-art elevators.

With distinctive features like ELVIC - Elevator Visual Communication System, IONFUL - Plasmacluster Ion Generating System, Multi-Beam Sensor and many more, Fujitec is here to revolutionize the vertical transportation system. Elevator, escalator, and autowalk transportation solutions by Fujitec are designed to improve productivity and enhance safety.

The government announced several policies, such as the Make in India policy, that bolstered our plans to expand our presence in India. We were the first Japanese elevator company to open a manufacturing plant in India. As cities grow and buildings become taller, we need elevator solutions that ensure that people can move smoothly from place to place with as little interruption as possible.

Fujitec sees significant scope for infrastructure projects happening all over India. As one of the top elevator companies, Fujitec understands that our customers have unique needs and offers our clients the freedom to choose. Whether choosing a customized elevator maintenance program, installing non-proprietary equipment, or providing a flexible agreement, Fujitec provides knowledgeable recommendations for various models. We are happy to associate India's infrastructure space in a big way.