Pebble Bay

Pebble Bay, Bangalore

For the Bustling City of Bangalore, We Now Launch an Oasis for Residential Comfort Centrally Located in Up-Market Rajmahal Vilas, Dollars Colony. The 6 Towers of 20 Floors Each, Built Across 11 Acres with Magnificent Landscaping, Water, Flora, Pebble Paths, Natural Stones, Simplicity of Design and Wide-Open Spaces - Pebble Bay at Rajmahal Vilas II, Dollars Colony in Bangalore. Dollars Colony is Surrounded with Sophisticated Villas that Make for Uninterrupted, Yet Pleasant Views from the Towers of Pebble Bay.

  • Building Height: 75 m
  • No. of Floors: 20
  • Status: Completed
  • No. of Unit Installed: 17
  • Product: EXDN
  • Product Type: MR
  • Finishes: SS Hairline Finish
  • Speed: 2 m/s

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