Efficiency in optimizing pedestrian movement within public spaces. Deployed in malls, hospitals, airports, and various buildings for seamless mobility.

With a legacy dating back to 1948 in Osaka, Japan, Fujitec Co., Ltd. stands as a global leader in vertical mobility solutions. Operating globally, from Japan to the Americas, South Asia to Europe, our unwavering commitment to safety, innovation, and exceptional quality has set the industry standard.

Our extensive network comprises ten state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a vast array of direct sales and service offices. At Fujitec, we tirelessly strive to redefine the boundaries of excellence in safety, innovation, and quality.

Innovation is deeply ingrained in our DNA, evident in our four research and development/engineering centres situated across the globe.

Escalators are crucial for managing pedestrian flow in diverse public spaces. From bustling shopping malls to busy transportation hubs, our escalators are meticulously designed to provide secure and comfortable vertical transportation. We prioritise innovative design, unmatched riding comfort, silent operation, and automated lubrication systems.

Fujitec Escalators stand out with user-centric features and exceptional quality, bolstered by our global reputation for excellence. As a direct entity of the global Fujitec company, we bring world-class standards, advanced technology, and unwavering customer focus to the Indian market.

Our commitment extends to supplying top-quality products in India in alignment with Fujitec's global standards. We offer the latest Fujitec technology to meet the evolving needs of the Indian market and prioritise customer requirements with cutting-edge installation technology and exceptional after-sales service.

Fujitec's dedicated professionals unite to set the gold standard for quality manufacturing, utilising the most advanced engineering, manufacturing, and installation technology in the industry.

Experience elevated mobility with Fujitec's Escalators, where innovative design meets exceptional quality, transforming the way people move in modern spaces.

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