Autowalks redefining passenger transportation. Featuring sleek design and high efficiency, ensuring smooth, secure, and stylish mobility in airports, transit stations, and shopping centers.

Fujitec Co., Ltd., established its roots in Osaka, Japan, in 1948 and has since evolved into a pioneer of vertical mobility solutions. Our global headquarters resides in Japan, with operational hubs spanning the Americas, Japan, South Asia, East Asia, and Europe. Our enduring commitment revolves around safety, innovation, and unwavering quality.

At the core of our success are ten cutting-edge manufacturing facilities worldwide, complemented by a widespread network of direct sales and service offices. Fujitec's relentless pursuit is to lead the industry by continually setting the bar higher in terms of safety, innovation, and quality.

Innovation is our guiding principle, exemplified by the strategic placement of our research and development/engineering centres globally. Our focus on pioneering technologies and the seamless integration of product development, design, and manufacturing is resolute.

Now, let's dive into the captivating universe of Fujitec's Auto Walks —a flawless blend of elegance and effortless mobility. These conveyances redefine modern transportation, catering to airports, mass transit stations, and shopping centres globally. Beyond their functional brilliance, our Auto Walks showcase innovative design, seamlessly combining efficiency and elegance.

As a direct entity of the global Fujitec company, we extend our unwavering commitment to service and quality to the Indian market. Our promise includes delivering top-quality products, equipped with the latest Fujitec technology, tailored to meet the evolving demands of the Indian market.

Fujitec's dedicated professionals are united by a shared commitment to personal growth and societal progress. We strive to refine individual qualities and achieve higher abilities as members of both our organisation and society.

Experience effortless and elegant mobility with Fujitec's Auto Walks, where innovation meets exceptional quality, transforming the way people move in modern spaces.

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