ELVIC | Visual communication system Elevators


Today, the elevators need the latest technology in data networking as a means of communication. Using the LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (wide area network) network, are expanding exponentially creating a highly connected society.

The Visual Communication System Elevators, Elvic, by providing various functions of information processing system, this system becomes very suitable for intelligent buildings.

One of the main features of Elvic, is the ability to handle and manage the elevator control by monitoring the current operating status of the elevators and allowing the command of elevators from a specific location, such as a living management building or a disaster prevention center.

If a client wish to enter the Elvic system from elsewhere, you can perform with a sub-terminal, necessary for the operation of Elvic system.

If an intelligent building has been equipped with its own control center to control security and building facilities, signals and orders Elvic may be transferred to the current system if it is required.

As described above, Elvic enables construction personnel to monitor the movement of the elevator in real time as well as change modes of operation of the elevator.

As an optional feature, the system allows operation Elvic like a traffic analyzer elevators. The output data are used to increase the performance of the elevators and take preventive measures thereof.